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Skyloft Knight Academy Is Founded

Training to use the enormous Loftwings as mounts eventually demanded a more tradition-based approach.


Kaepora Gaebora The Human Is Born

Inheriting knowledge of many secrets as leader of Skyloft, Kaepora fulfilled his role with great wisdom.


Tawny Zelda The Human Is Born

Tawny is widely known for her lovable nature and caring attitude.


Kaepora Gaebora The Human (~22yr) & Tawny The Human (~20yr) Are Wed

The couple have a ceremony at the Lumpy Pumpkin Tavern where they met.


Link The Human Is Born

A capable flyer, Link is also a model student.


Swift Zelda The Human Is Born To Kaepora Gaebora Zelda The Human (~28yr) & Tawny Zelda The Human (~26yr)

Passionate and beautiful, Swift goes primarily by her mother’s last name, as is the tradition in her family.


Tawny Zelda The Human Dies

After succumbing to an illness and passing away, her daughter, Swift Zelda The Human (~4yr), would grow up hearing stories of her mother.


The Master Sword Is Forged From The Goddess Sword

Fulfilling prophecy, Link the Human (~18yr) goes on a grand quest to unite the surface. The ancient Goddess Sword is reforged into the Master Sword.


Demise Is Defeated

At the climax of his journey, Link the Human (~19yr) defeats evil incarnate.

Skyloft Descends

Having conquered the ancient demon threat, the surface and sky are reunited.


Link The Human (~20yr) & Swift Zelda The Human (~19yr) Are Wed

The childhood friends become unified in love.


Rauru Zelda The Human Is Born To Link The Human (~21yr) & Swift Zelda The Human (~20yr)

Destined to become a magnificent ruler and talented architect, Rauru is the first human child born on the surface after Skyloft descends.


Sonia Pocir The Human Is Born

A graceful dancer, Sonia was always full of wisdom beyond her years.


Rauru Zelda The Human (~19yr) & Sonia Pocir The Human (~18yr) Are Wed

The grand ceremony is attended my many.


The Kingdom Of Hyrule Is Established

Thanks to help from the Minish and with Rauru Zelda the Human (~25yr) crowned its first king, a nation is born. Sonia Zelda the Human (~24yr) is also crowned queen.


Link Zelda The Human (~73yr) Dies

An avid explorer, the hero falls to a massive beast during a royal hunt.


The Ancient Sages Transcend

Rauru Zelda the Human (~58yr) gathers five additional spiritual leaders from various other races to become protectors of the land throughout immense spans of time.


Queen Sonia Zelda The Human (~58yr) Dies

Her heart broken by her lover's absence, she soon passes.


Kaepora Gaebora Zelda The Human (~111yr) Dies

Having lived a fantastical life, the old leader is mourned by all.


Swift Zelda The Human (~114yr) Dies

Originating many traditions during her role as advisor to the King and Queen, a great loss is felt by the fledgling Kingdom.


The Minish Realm Is Sealed

After a millennium of guiding the Royal Family and Hyrule itself, the entrance to the Realm of the Minish is closed, only to open once per century.


Ezlo The Forest Minish Is Born

An ingenious inventor who blends magic with nature.


Vaati The Town Mnish Is Born

A rapscallion from the start, he would work his way to the top with great ambition.


Vaati The Town Minish (~45yr) Becomes Ezlo The Forest Minish's (~421yr) Apprentice

It was hoped that the apprenticeship would temper Vaati's ambition with wisdom.


Ezlo The Forest Minish (~522yr) Creates The Minish Cap

The magical hat has the ability to grant the wearer's innermost desires.


Vaati The Town Minish (~155yr) Dons The Minish Cap

The young Minish is warped into a powerful sorcerer.

Ezlo The Forest Minish (~531yr) Is Transformed

Using his newly acquired powers, Vaati converts Ezlo's form into that of a simple green hat.


Vaati The Town Minish (~161yr) Travels To The Light Realm

At his first chance, the sorcerer escapes to the Light Realm during the gateways nearest centennial opening.


Ezlo The Forest Minish (~637yr) Travels To The Light Realm

The teacher follows his student at the earliest available chance.


Cors Lu The Sheikah Is Born

The young lad is hand-chosen as the Royal Family's commissioned blacksmith.


Link The Human Is Born

A rascal from day one, he eventually focuses his energy on constructive creativity.


Link The Human (~10yr) Becomes An Apprentice Blacksmith

Cors Lu The Sheikah (~73yr) is hired to train the young boy.


Vaati The Town Minish (~360yr) Releases The Four Sword

By acting as a key, the removed weapon releases evil creatures and demons into the land.

Ezlo The Forest Minish (~736yr) Befriends Link The Human (~12yr)

Having wandered into forest in his limited shape, Ezlo could not go far in his time in the Light Realm.


Vaati The Town Minish (~361yr) Is Defeated By Link The Human (~13yr)

After transforming into the Wind Mage, the young Minish is imprisoned within the Four Sword.

Ezlo The Forest Minish (~737yr) Returns To The Minish Realm


Cors Lu The Sheikah (~101yr) Dies

The aging blacksmith perishes in a smelting accident.


Link The Human (~66yr)

Ever the thrill-seeker, Link falls to his death while climbing Mount Crenel.


Ezlo The Forest Minish (~1,098yr) Dies

The old inventor and tailor passes at his workbench.


The Great Deku Tree XII Sprouts

Germinating in the Faron province of Hyrule, this tree holds the wisdom of each of its predecessors.


Navi The Fairy Is Conjured

Navi has an eye for detail from her beginning.


Saria The Kokiri Is Incarnated

This Forest Spirit is immediately well respected in her community.


Darunia The Goron Is Carved

The Goron leader-to-be grows up well loved by his brethren. He is known as charismatic yet stern and jovial yet realistic.


Lord Jabu-Jabu Is Born

A large whale-like creature is discovered by the Zora who worship him as their protector while caring for him in return.


Dogardorf The Gerudo Is Born As Gerudo Chieftain

As dictated by tradition, this Gerudo male, born after the previous leader died, assumes leadership of the desert tribe.


Darunia The Goron (~191yr) Is Appointed Patriarch Of The Death Mountain Goron Tribe

Darunia's camaraderie towards his fellow Goron leads him to become one their first non-Gor patriarchs.


Hirodorf Dragmire The Gerudo Is Born

A budding tactician, the male Gerudo shows bountiful skill in matters of strategy. Though he exhibits superior leadership qualities, the somewhat aloof Dogardorf the Gerudo (~100yr) remained ruler by tradition.


Kotake The Gerudo Is Born

The firstborn twin to Koume, she shows an adept prowess for the arcane arts from a young age.

Koume The Gerudo Is Born

The younger twin to Kotake, she shows an adept prowess for the arcane arts from a young age.


Fado The Kokiri Is Incarnated

This Forest Spirit sporadically goes into seclusion to practice his melodies.


Male Gerudo Twins Are Born

In an exceptionally rare and bizarre turn of events, not just one Gerudo male is birthed.


Sarenu The Gerudo Is Born

The third of ten children born in her meager home, Sarenu becomes a concubine to provide additional income for her siblings.


Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo Is Born To Hirodorf Dragmire the Gerudo (~200yr) & Sarenu The Gerudo (~31yr)

The military general shows weakness around women of beauty, often spending copious rupees on his lust.


Sarenu The Gerudo (~34yr) Is Murdered

In a senseless dispute over market prices, the Ganondorf Dragmire the Gerudo’s (~3yr) mother is murdered in a street brawl. The infant bastard is sent to live with his father, Hirodorf Dragmire the Gerudo (~203yr).


Hirodorf Dragmire The Gerudo (~209yr) Is Assassinated

Hirodorf is regarded as the more competent power guiding Dogardorf the Gerudo (~109yr). His assassination causes chaos among the remaining Gerudo nobles as Dogardorf is widely regarded as a foolish figurehead. The care of Ganondorf Dragmire the Gerudo (~9yr) goes from that of lesser nobility to that of utter neglect. There are massive arguments over who would assume the vacant role of power.


Kotake The Gerudo (~208yr) & Koume The Gerudo (~208yr) Adopt Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo (~14yr)

Seeing potential in the young boy, the twin advisors begin raising the boy in secret.


Sharp The Wizzrobe Is Born

At an early age, the boy is a musical prodigy.


Flat The Wizzrobe Is Born

The younger sibling of Sharp the Wizzrobe (~2yr) also showed musical talent but is overshadowed by his brother.


The Centennial Male Gerudo Dies At Birth

Leaving a gaping hole in the traditional populace, the loss of the baby is a tragedy.


Nabooru The Gerudo Is Born

An expert in espionage, Nabooru would be integral to the war efforts.


Flat The Wizzrobe (~20yr) Is Commissioned By The Hylian Royal Family

The musician is admired by the Hylian royals.


Sharp The Wizzrobe (~23yr) Is Commissioned By The Hylian Royal Family

Much to the jealousy of Flat the Wizzrobe (~21yr), the elder brother is also hired.


Dampe’ The Sheikah Is Born

The Sheikah child showed great loyalty and compassion from a very young age.


Bongo Bongo The Sheikah Is Born

Dreaming of immortality, the Sheikah works hard to overcome his initial arcane ineptitude. Using his stealth training to spy on a secret Wizzrobe meeting, Bongo Bongo learns more than was meant for such young minds.


Dampe’ The Sheikah (~17yr) Is Hired

Showing a prominent talent for both history and horticulture, Dampe’ is hired as the youngest known royal grave keeper in recent generations which shows as an impressive achievement considering his lack of apprenticing.


Hyrulean Civil War Is Incited

A rogue faction of Wizzrobe, known as the Interlopers, become too powerful for their own well-being.


Dogardorf The Gerudo (~442yr) Is Slain

The Gerudo Chieftain loses both an early battle of the war as well as his life.


Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo (~143yr) Assumes Gerudo Leadership

Filling the gap in leadership, the boy becomes the new Chieftain of the Gerudo.


Flat The Wizzrobe (~54yr) & Sharp The Wizzrobe (~56yr) Are Slain In The Hyrulean Civil War

In raids by the Gerudo, a large quantity of culturally significant paraphernalia is targeted for destruction. During these raids, artists, composers, architects, and similar creators are also killed en masse.


De Bon XVI The Zora Is Hatched

The first to hatch out of numerous eggs, De Bon XVI has a penchant for the delicacies of the sea.


Impa The Sheikah Is Born

Born to a family of nobles, she exhibits a passion for learning all there is to know about royal history.


Tudreau Fond The Human Is Born

Born a simple peasant farmer, Tudreau used his charm and work ethic to climb the social ladder, eventually associating among nobles and wealthy townsfolk.


Talon The Human Is Born

Spending his days farming and delivering supplies, this rancher is a friend to all.


Shanai Zelda The Human Is Born

With the previous royalty dead, her mother having died in childbirth and her father dying shortly after, Shanai's expectations as matriarch are increased as the throne's only living heir. Her loving demeanor is a welcome change from the somewhat iron fisted rule of her parents.


Tali The Hylian Is Born

A destitute commoner, Tali would wander the streets throughout her life.


Orkin The Hylian Is Born

Yearning for the soldier's life, Orkin was never quite a hit with the ladies.


Bongo Bongo The Sheikah (~40yr) Is Captured

After an arduous battle, the Interloper commander is finally shackled.

Bongo Bongo The Sheikah's Execution Fails

Thanks to his mastery of flesh magic, Bongo Bongo somehow survives a beheading and the loss of his hands.


Bongo Bongo The Sheikah (~41yr) Is Imprisoned

After his failed execution, Bongo Bongo’s remains are sealed deep within the Kakariko well.


De Bon XVI The Zora (~26yr) Is Crowned King Of Southern Zora's Domain

The heroic noble is crowned a Zora king after a long vacancy to the throne.


Impa The Sheikah (~21yr) Is Recruited By The Hylian Royal Family

After a rigorous elimination process, Impa is ultimately chosen as a direct liaison between the Royal Family and the Sheikah tribe.


Nabooru The Gerudo (~83yr) Leaves Home

Curious about the rest of the world, the young Gerudo explores Hyrule under the guise of intelligence gathering.


Princess Ruto The Zora Is Hatched To King De Bon XVI The Zora (~36yr)

The patient Zora King fathers a nest of eggs by several female Zora maidens. With Ruto being the first to hatch, her life is secured as future royalty.


Princess Shanai Zelda The Human (~18yr) & Tudreau Fond The Human (~20yr) Are Wed

The royal wedding was cause for celebration among the common-folk and nobles alike.


Princess Heli Zelda The Human Is Born To Queen Shanai Zelda The Human (~19yr) & King Tudreau Fond Zelda The Human (~21yr)

The well-loved royal couple’s first child leaves Hyrule in a state of rejoice, amplified by the fact that the baby is female and thus shall inherit the sacred bloodline. Impa the Sheikah (~26yr) is appointed her nursemaid and bodyguard.


The Light Spirits Are Summoned By The Golden Goddesses

With the interlopers gaining immense power, divine intervention is required.

Heli The Hylian (~19yr) & Orkin The Hylian (~17yr) Meet

The young soldier celebrates his military commission with a drunken night with his troopmates.

- -109

Link The Hylian Is Born To Tali The Human (~20yr) & Orkin The Hylian (~18yr)

Not knowing who his father was, Tali must raise Link on her own.


Malon The Gerudo/Human Is Born To Nabooru The Gerudo (~90yr) & Talon The Human (~23yr)

With her bright red hair and love of horses, Malon would grow up only having vague memories of her mother.


Link The Human (~2yr) Is Abandoned By Tali The Human (~22yr)

Leaving her child under the care of the Great Deku Tree XII (~1,411yr), Tali has every intention of returning for him when she feels it is safe.


Tali The Human (~23yr) Is Killed

An innocent bystander, Tali is struck down as a casualty of war.

The Interlopers Are Defeated

With the help of the Light Spirits, the united races of Hyrule finally declare victory against the Interlopers.


The Hyrulean Civil War Is Resolved

The last skirmishes of the long conflict end.

Nabooru The Gerudo (~93yr) Returns Home

After a decade abroad, Nabooru finally comes back to the desert.


Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo (~195yr) Falsely Swears Allegiance To The Hylian Royal Family

After the resolution of the Hyrulean Civil War, alliances were the focus for many leaders. However, Ganondorf realizes this and uses their desperation for peace to his advantage.

Jim The Human/Sheikah Is Born To A Hylian Guard & Sheikah Spy

After the horrors of the Hyrulean Civil War, Kakariko became more open to outside visitors. As a result, intermingling between Hylians and Sheikah becomes more commonplace resulting in this child’s birth.


Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo (~196yr) Infects The Great Deku Tree XII (~1,415yr)

Refusing to yield to the thief, the Great Deku Tree XII is cursed and overrun by the Gerudo’s minions.


Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo (197yr) Triggers A Landslide On Death Mountain

On a mission to acquire a key to the Door of Time, Ganondorf blocks a major food source for the Gorons.

Nabooru The Gerudo (~96yr) Forms A Secret Rebellion

Discovering the nefarious acts of Ganondorf, Nabooru forms a coalition of Gerudo warriors sympathetic to the greater good of Hyrule.


Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo (~198yr) Infects Lord Jabu-Jabu (~559yr)

The Gerudo chieftain unleashes his minions within the large creature’s innards in an attempt to forcefully obtain a key to the Door of Time.


Link The Human (~9yr) Meets Navi The Fairy (~1,134yr)

While still believing himself to be a Kokiri, Link is elated, albeit confused, to finally receive a fairy companion.

The Great Deku Tree XII (~1,418yr) Wilts

Despite Link successfully ridding the Great Deku Tree XII's infection, the infliction causes its death regardless.

Link Excavates Dodongo's Cavern Mines

At the reluctant behest of Darunia the Goron (~602yr), Link manages to open Dodongo's Cavern. Such a selfless act by the young hero compels the Patriarch to become his Sworn Brother.

Link Cures Lord Jabu-Jabu (~560yr)

The Zora's deity expels its infection with the help of the young hero.

Link Opens The Door Of Time

Using three mystic gemstones, the adventurer opens the door to the pedestal that holds a sacred blade that allows for the flow of time to be altered temporarily.


The Door Of Time Is Closed

Having journeyed across Hyrule to secure three mystic gems, Link the Human (~10yr) decides to reclose the door in the Temple of Time, locking the Master Sword away inside.

Navi The Fairy (~1,135yr) Leaves Link

Fulfilling her mission, coupled with the fact of Link not being a true forest spirit, Navi leaves his companionship to find a new quest of her own.

Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo (~300yr) Is Exposed For His Treason

Link the Human and Princess Heli Zelda the Human (~12yr) expose the Gerudo chieftain to her parents. This causes great animosity between the Gerudo and other Hyrulean factions.


Link The Human (~11yr) Begins A Journey To Reunite With Navi The Fairy (~1,136yr)

After completing his mission for the good of Hyrule, Link longs for the friend who accompanied him along his quest.


Link The Human (~12yr) Travels To The Alternate Realm

Link finds himself in a mirror reality while searching for Navi the Fairy (~1,137yr).

Link The Gor Is Carved By Darunia The Goron (~603yr)

Darunia carves his last son and names him Link as a tribute to his Sworn Brother.


The Gerudo War Is Incited

Led by Ganondorf Dragmire the Gerudo (~303yr), the Chieftain begins marauding the other races of Hyrule in a vie for power.

Dampe’ The Sheikah (~81yr) Is Killed

For vigilantly standing ground at his post, Dampe’s reward is a swift slaughter defending his plots of ground.


Orkin The Hylian (~32yr) Is Killed

The last of his garrison to survive an onslaught on Castle Market Town by the Gerudo, Orkin dies in a back alley.

Hidden Village Is Established

Under the behest of Impa the Sheikah (~42yr), a secret military base is created in the mountains north of Kakariko Village.


Hyrule Conquers The Hebra Region Of Calatia

In an assertion of military power, Hyrule annexes Calatia’s Hebra mountains for strategic purposes.


The Great Deku Tree XIII Sprouts

Having sensed his imminent demise, the Great Deku Tree XII (~1,418+7yr) planted his final healthy nut in hopes of continuing his lineage. This plan finally comes to fruition with the sprouting of the Great Deku Tree XIII.


Hyrule Claims The Unexplored Necluda Region & Eastern Islands Of The Akkala Region

Expanding the empire is a secondary goal while fighting the Gerudo.


Hyrule Acquires Ownership Of The Tolemac Region

Though inhabited sparsely, Tolemac is bartered for peace by their former leaders.

Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo (~308yr) Is Captured

After an arduous campaign into Lanayru Province, the Chieftain and his main troops are finally defeated.


Ganondorf Dragmire The Gerudo Is Banished (~309yr)

After squabbling over what to do with such an evil being, it is decided that banishing Ganondorf to the Twilight realm is the best course of action. The ancient sages use nearly all their power to do so successfully, yet the soul of the water sage is lost in the process.


The Gerudo War Is Resolved

With Ganondorf Dragmire the Gerudo (~309+1yr) subdued, the remaining Gerudo forces are defeated and peace slowly returns to the land.


The Incarnates Of The Sages Transcend

Darunia the Goron (~614yr), Impa the Sheikah (~49yr), Nabooru the Gerudo (~110yr), Princess Ruto the Zora (~25yr), & Saria the Kokiri's (~831yr) spirits ascend to the Sacred Realm and replace the Ancient Sages while also joining Rauru Zelda the Human (~58+6,273 yr).


Link The Human (~23yr) Returns

Though finding a way back was no simple task, Link manages to return to the Light Realm.


Link The Human (~24yr) & Malon The Gerudo/Hylian (~23yr) Are Wed

These childhood friends are joined in the bonds of love.


Link The Gor (~13yr) Is Appointed Patriarch Of The Death Mountain Goron Tribe

After much deliberation by the Goron elders, Link becomes the youngest patriarch in recorded Death Mountain history after the loss of Darunia the Goron (~614+4yr).


Ordona The Human Is Born To Link The Human (~26yr) & Malon The Gerudo/Human (~25yr)

Often accompanying her father while exploring, Ordona falls in love with the outdoors.


Fritzlio The Piratian Is Born

An adventurous soul lay within Fritzlio.


Link The Human (~28yr) Begins Preparation

Sensing an oncoming evil, Link fervently hoards all the supplies he can.


Dampe’ The Human/Sheikah Is Born To Jim The Human/Sheikah (~25yr)

With his father having admired the dedication exhibited by the dead Sheikah, this infant is named after the old grave keeper.


Princess Heli Zelda The Human (~38yr) Is Crowned Queen Of Hyrule

With her parents growing in age, a new Queen is crowned.


Ordona Village Is Established

Link the Human (~42yr) and Malon the Gerudo/Human (~41yr) colonize western Tolemac as a separate province.


Queen Shanai Zelda The Human (~65yr) Dies

Succumbing to a sudden sickness, the Queen of Hyrule’s funeral is attended by countless loyal Hyrule denizens.


Talon The Human (~76yr) Dies

Suffering a heart attack while working in the fields, Talon dies the way he lived.


The Holodrum Maku Tree Sprouts

The wise nature spirit of Holodrum possesses the knowledge of his ancestors who grew tall, allowing them to see further than most beings.


Lord Jabu-Jabu (~612yr) Dies

After over five centuries of being worshiped, the protector of the Zora people dies of natural causes.


Queen Ambi The Human Is Born

Labrynna crowns a child of noble birth as their queen.


Laruto The Zora Is Hatched

The last born descendant of King De Bon XVI the Zora (~119yr), Laruto is named after her lost sister.


King De Bon XVI The Zora (~110yr) Dies

As the stresses of war significantly take their toll, the Zora monarch dies peacefully in his resting pool.


The Labrynna Maku Tree Sprouts

The wise nature spirit of Labrynna possesses the knowledge of her ancestors who grew tall, allowing them to see further than most beings.


Fritzlio The Piratian (~63yr) Sets Sail

Commissioned by Queen Ambi the Human (~25yr) to explore the surrounding coasts, the sailing veteran journeys West.


King Tudreau Fond Zelda The Human (~114yr) Dies

Having lived through two wars, the old king dies peacefully in his sleep.


Construction Begins On Great Bridge Of Hylia

Crossing Lake Hylia more easily should open trade routes between Ordona and the north.


Laruto The Zora (~33yr) Is Crowned Queen Of Southern Zora’s Domain

The Zora Princess tries to live up to her father and namesake as a great ruler.


Ambi's Tower Construction Begins

A decade after Fritzlio the Piratian (~73yr) sets sail, Queen Ambi the Human (~35yr) orders the building of a massive coastal tower in hopes of guiding her love home.


Present Day

The adventure begins.


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